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5 Best Funnel Mapping Tools to Map Out Your Sales Funnels.

Funnel mapping is creating the flow diagram of the sales funnel or visually representing the sales funnel before it is going to develop. The flow diagram will give the exhaustive information on the sales process like stages in the funnel, landing pages, and traffic sources.

Why funnel mapping? 

  • You can add or remove components to sales funnels for the best outcome.
  • Diagrams are secured. 
  • It is open to sharing your diagrams with your team.
  • Each and everyone on the team can contribute to development. 

Top five funnel mapping tools:

1. Funnelytics.

It is the best preference if you want to map the sales funnels, as it is simple and expeditious. It provides the drag and drop facility by which you can easily design to forecast your sales funnels to get in-depth analysis of a business.

Why Funnelytics:

a) A segment of free templates for customers to perceive the functions.

b) Pro templates available if you want overall access.

c) Specific icons designed for each method.

d) You can share the funnel with the audience.

e) Funnel customization available.

Free version: Available


2. MindMeister:

This mapping tool is my second preference for funnel mapping. It is an online tool to show your ideas visually and globally via a cloud. This tool is web-based, there is no chance of downloading or uploading. 

Why MindMeister:

a) We can share mind maps to work in real time scenarios.

b) It can be used as a project management tool also.

c) Pre-built templates.

d) From scratch, you can frame your funnel.

e) Brainstorming & planning.

f) You can add images, videos, and notes for mapping for better understanding.

g) You can directly import and export into various formats.

h) The entire evolution of the map is auto-saved.

Free version: Available


3. Sketchfunnels:

It is a web-based platform which designs the funnel mapping right away using the pre-defined templates. It has numerous tools to make the sales funnel as fascinating as you like. 

Why Sketchfunnels:

a) Drag and drop software for faster design.

b) Brainstorm ideas what you want to build.

c) Peculiar symbols for landing pages, traffic sources, sales pages, and order pages.

d) Can share designs on Sketchfunnels platform.

Free version: 30 Day Free Trial (Credit Card Required)


4. Lucidchart:

Lucidchart is also a web-based platform which offers funnel mapping using conventional labels, lines, shapes. It gives solutions for visual communications. With this tool, you can create professional flowcharts, process maps, and UML models.

Why Lucidchart:

a) It is simple and easy to work.

b) Secured accounts with passwords.

c) Can import and export documents which can automatically build charts and visuals.

d) Collaboration can be done at any time, on any device.

Free version:  Available


5. Google Drawings:

Google drawing is a web-based platform developed for diagramming flowcharts, mind maps, organization charts and other types of diagrams. It is a free tool to draw diagrams.

Why Google Drawings:

a) You can leave the comments.

b) You can share your funnel diagrams with the audience.

c) It is used as a project management tool.

d) Can upload your own images.

Free Version: Completely Free


These are the five best tools for funnel mapping you can use to map out your funnels.

If you are looking to create a sales funnel after you are done with funnel mapping, you can choose pre-built funnel templates from Webzoly All-in-One Website Builder and make your dream into a reality. Click on the button below to get started.


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