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How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2019.

Internet is a place where you can share information with people as well as you can get the information. You can access information from the website or a blog.

The world is revolving around the internet, as many will have an idea about the website, but very few have complete knowledge of blog. Since few years, blogs are making a huge difference in the world in the working environment.

According to the research done by, we have 441 million blogs in the world up to September 2018. In the last year, only 373 million new blogs came into the market. From the statistics, you can imagine how big blogging is, but the sad thing is 60 members out of 100 are quitting blogging due to various reasons.  

Anyone can create a blog it may be techie or non-techie, you can develop it by yourself. There are a few steps you need to follow to create a blog. Before you create a blog, let us know some basics about a blog like what is a blog? Why? How will it help an individual or company?

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal which gives the information about a particular niche in reverse chronological order.

A blog is a short form of Weblog.


Definition from Wikipedia "A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page." 


For the first time a blog is used for sharing personal information, thoughts, and stories to the audience over the internet. Now in the current situation, it is used for business, news, informational and for professional purposes. 

Example: We have various number of subjects for creating a blog, now let us take traveling.

Travelsalacarte is a blog written by Rainna Goel. She is a 13-year-old girl from India.

You need to know that age is no barrier to create a blog or to become a blogger.

According to the research/survey, people in middle or young age are more into blogs rather than others. If you want to know about this girl's blog you can read her story here.

If you are currently running a website and you want a blog? Yes, we can create a blog on the same website. Else, you can create a separate blog with the same domain name. The reason behind creating a blog for the website is to create more traffic to the website or to interact more with the audience.

Example: Let us take a website called Webzoly which is an all in one website builder where you can create more than just a website. For this website, there is a blog within it for providing daily updates to the customer/audience.

If you are creating a blog on this website you will get URL like this:

Difference between Blog and a Website:

Differences Blog Website
Updates Regular updates it may be daily/weekly/monthly No regular updates, it will update for every 6months/1year or more than that.
Readers engagement monotonous communication Social interface audience can interact with the author
Content For every visit new content available for each day/week/month Static information.
Publishing schedule It provides details like Author, publishing date, categories and tags No information

Why Blog?

Maybe you are thinking about why you need to create a blog?  There are various reasons to answer this question. Let us know in details of those reasons: 

1. Keeps audience/visitors updated:  

A blog will keep the audience updated with daily content. What is going on in the market with the latest deals and offers?


Let us take a fashion blog where they provide information about the products coming into the market, offers, prices and reviews about the product.

2. Can make money:  

According to the survey, 50 out of 100 blogs will start a blog to earn extra income, but only 30 blogs will earn income. A blog can generate money through ad slots and affiliate marketing.

3. You can learn while you teach: 

Suppose you are running an education blog, in which you need to learn or do secondary research before you write an article about it. In the process, you are learning while you are teaching.

4. Can reach to million of people around the world:

If your content is good, valuable will reach to million people. If you want to reach more people, your content should be unique and easy to understand. Select a perfect niche which will be loved by every person. 


I will give you a simple example of a blogger called Neil Patel. He is the topmost blogger in the field of digital marketing whose article will reach more people/audience.

5. Sharing of organized thoughts: 

A blog is a structured way of expressing idea in a text/video/podcasting. It will force to make ideas into a structured format if you are not familiar with any of the topic then you will learn, and you will share your thoughts. 

Types of blogs: 

Now we are going to know some of the most trending niches for the creation of the blog.

1. Fashion

2. Sports

3. Food

4. Travel

5. Personal

6. Lifestyle

7. Fitness

8. Music

9. News

10. Education.

Steps to create a Blog:

1.Select your Niche: 

To create your dream blog in 2019, first of all, you need to select an exact niche which should bring out your capabilities. 

Your focus should be clear on the topic and should not deviate from the idea. Be unique from others from the start of an idea to presentation. You should use your entire caliber in giving the best presentation to the audience because they are your first preference while narrating /explaining the topic. 

Before your blog goes live on the web, you need to satisfy your friends and family as they are the first viewers and feed-backers. For selecting a perfect niche, you will undergo a brainstorming session. In this session, you need to keep some points in mind for choosing the idea. 

  • Make a list of your interested fields:

If you are interested in the field of sports and music, then make a list of them.

  •  Love your Niche:

Select the niche which is loved by you. If you are in love with your idea, you can do anything for it. It makes you try out new things on that topic by which you can attract more audience to engage your blog.

  • Prepare your skill set:

Make a list of the skills in which you are good at which will give you confidence in selecting the idea for your 2019 blog.

2. Choose your blog name:

It is the crucial step in creating a blog. Select your blog name which should represent your brand. The blog name should be unique from other blog names. Here blog name will represent your domain so be careful while you select the name.  

The domain cost will vary from $10-$20 per annum. Sometimes the domain name you are looking may not be available, then you go with any relevant name then, later on, you can change it. You can get a free domain by taking the Webzoly annual plan.

Before you name the blog, you need to consider some key points

(I) if your blog is for personal branding, then go with your name.

(II) It should be unique and catchy.

(III) Don't use numbers or special characters in the name.

(IV) Choose a domain name with (.com) extension because it will represent to the world.

You can search your domain name here.

3. Get your web hosting:

We completed selecting the niche and domain name for the blog. Now the next most important factor is hosting for the blog.There are two ways of hosting traditional and advanced. 

The traditional hosting is an old pattern which is used for a long time in which you need to buy everything like domain name, hosting name, blogging software, and security certificate. This will take longer time to setup all the things, and you need to pay separately for each feature which is a burden and problem for non-techies. 

The advanced hosting by Webzoly, which is a website builder in which you can create more than just a website. With Webzoly, you can create a website where blogs are inbuilt. If you take Webzoly annual plan you don't need to buy all the things separately, it will provide a free domain, hosting, SSL certificate, and much more other surprising features.

Features provided by Webzoly: 

You can create and blog within five minutes without wasting time and energy. A non-techie can also build the blog using our Webzoly platform.

If you are thinking about pricing then it is very less when compared to others because Webzoly is providing all the features with the minimum price so get your Webzoly for free here. 

If you are thinking about how to create a website using Webzoly, you can use this link to get a brief about website and blog for 2019. 

How to make money from a Blog? 

The main intention behind every blog creation is to generate income from it. Many are turning their career as blogger

In the newspapers or public talks, people who are running a blog are generating a lot of income. It may be business, education, and motivational blogs all are running behind monetary terms only. You are wondering how it is possible to get that much of income. 

You are thinking about how they can generate so much income. There are some points you need to concentrate so that you can increase revenue. Today, we are going to discuss the key points that every blogger need to take care off. 

The Eight key ways:

1. Market your blog

2. Affiliate programs

3. Display Google AdSense

4. Direct selling of Ad slots

5. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

6. By writing paid reviews

7. Paid membership content

8. Selling products:

1. Market your blog: 

After creating a blog, there are zero audiences for your blog because you are in the initial stages of the blogging journey. For reaching more audience you need to market the blog, the major platform to use for marketing the blog is social media.

Social media will make a big difference because majority of the people use media to market. The social media includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

2. Affiliate programs:

Select an appropriate affiliate program for your blog.  The affiliate program is mainly to market product or service of other companies or networks through your blog. With affiliates, you can generate money because you place an affiliate link of product/service and so you will get income for every purchase made from your link. 

There are many companies providing affiliate programs for earning money. Through affiliate marketing, many bloggers are generating good revenue from the companies. The affiliate programs can be of various types like a shopping site (Flipkart) or private programs. 

Example: Suppose I am running a blog called X, in which I place affiliate links of the company Y. If any reader visits my blog X while going through the blog, he will come across affiliate link of Y in the blog. If the visitor likes the product and if he buys the product, then company Y will pay commission to my blog X. 

3. Display Google AdSense:

Google AdSense plays a crucial rule in generating revenue. To get AdSense revenue initially, you need to set up Google AdSense account. After creating the account, Google will place ads in the blog or website. The ads will be placed by Google based on your content, and number of visitors etc. If any visitor clicks on the ads in which the Google will pay you. There are two types of ads:


It is Pay per click or Click per pay. In website or blog, the ads are banners that are available in the sidebar. If a visitor will come to a blog, and if he clicks on ads you will get paid. These ads will pay a variable amount.


CPM ads will pay for every 1000 impression done by visitors, based on that they will pay. In this type of ads, the pay will be fixed. You will not interact with advertising companies. 

4. Direct selling of Ad slots:

It is another way of making money through a blog. If your website is running at a good momentum, then it is a good sign for you because you are reaching to maximum people. 

If your blog has good reach, then you can sell banner ads slot/place. It is the best way to get revenue. In this process, you don't need to go to the customers as they only approach for buying the ad space/slot. In this, no one is involved like third parties who are working for commission. 

While selling ad space, you should take care of pricing as many bloggers will charge for a month/quarterly/half yearly/yearly basis by providing the statistics to the customers.  Ad space selling will make good money because it is not like CPP, CPM.  There is an option for removing Google ads and you can place your own ads in place of Google by selling that place. 

5. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts:

Every reader who comes to your blog will not have the same state of mind and same thinking also. If you use AdSense or ad slots on a blog, it may irritate the reader, and he can quit or skip to other blogs. 

As you all know many will use ad blockers in their search engines by which there is no chance of showing ads to the customer/ visitor of your blog. In this type of scenarios, there are fewer chances of generating money from both ad slot and AdSense.

To overcome this, you can go with selling sponsored blog posts in your blog. It is another way of generating money from blogs. If you want sponsored blog post, you need to work out more for preparing a complete report on statistics of the blog so that if you are asking any person for a sponsor blog post, he may ask all the details of your blog.

You need to convince the customer to purchase blog posts. You should meet a lot of people, and you need to negotiate with them about pricing. For everything you have some rules and regulations which you need to follow in sponsorship ads also.

6. By writing paid reviews:

It is another way of monetizing the blog.  Let us say you are running a blog related to beauty products or about food. Let's imagine you are running a beauty product blog in which you write reviews for each product in the market. 

You are wondering how this can happen. I can give you a brief picture of it in this article. Your beauty product is running with good phase, and every day your blog is getting traffic of 10000 visitors by which the various beauty product companies will think that your one review may fetch or can get good business to them. 

They will contact you for writing a review about their product in your blog by offering some revenue to blogger or you. Here the blogger will not go to any other companies for asking to write reviews about their products. 

Paid reviews are same as sponsored blog posts. In the world, many will follow this method to get money from the blog.

7. Paid membership content:

It is another way of generating income from a blog so now you are going to know how it can be? 

The paid membership content will generate recurring generate because they need to pay for every month/half yearly/annually to get the full content of the blog.

The reason for going for paid membership content is you can get some service which cannot be accessed by the free members; by which you can also generate good revenue. You can get paid members when content will be different from the other blogs. 

The content for paid members will be like full-length content, explains with examples, and video available for a better understanding. This membership site is useful for the blogs which are related to education, jobs and matrimony sites. 


I hope this is the best example. In this, for free customers, they will provide their names and profession, whereas for premium members they will share complete profile information with the client. 

You can create membership site with the use of Webzoly in few minutes with no plugins required. If you go with other platforms, you need to add plugins separately. If you want to create a membership site using Webzoly login to the site using and create it; you will get free trial of 14days. If you have taken an annual plan then the service is free. 

8. Selling products:

There are different ways to earn income from a blog. You can get good income by selling the products of your niche whether it may be virtual or physical.

The virtual products include EBooks, software, courses, reports, and printable. It will take a longer time to build, but will give a good result.

Physical products include books, merchandise, and teaching material. In this century also, many people are not satisfied with the soft copies which will give an opportunity to earn extra income from products. 

These are eight various methods of generating income from a blog. If you are having any doubt you can feel free to contact us anytime. We are available 24*7.


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