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How to Create a Membership Website Using Webzoly?

In the current digital world, everyone is looking out for generating passive income from various methods through online. There is an online digital tool called membership site, by which we can earn by sharing our content to the public through online mode. I think you are wondering what is meant by membership site and how we can build it. Now we are going to give a brief about it, and how you can build it? 

What is a membership site? 

A membership site is an integral part of your business, or it may be an independent site which secures the content from unauthorized accessing. The members who registered with the website only can get secured digital content like webinars, Ebooks, articles, and online courses. A membership site can be built using various platforms. The site can be of two types paid and free membership sites according to our choice we can build it. 


  1. It generates good income. 
  2. Flexibility.
  3. It is an automated tool.
  4. Can build a loyal community.

You have used many platforms for building membership sites now we are going to explain you about Webzoly, which is an all in one website builder. By using Webzoly, we can create the best membership site.

Steps to create a membership site in Webzoly: 


The first step is to go to It is an all in one website builder for creating more than a website. You can use the service of Webzoly, for a free trial of 14days before going to premium membership. In the home page, you will find a radio button with the name signup free

Step 2:

 After clicking the signup free button, it will redirect to the registration form where you need to provide your name, mail id, and password. Then it will take you to the themes section on the website.  

Step 3:

Currently, we are looking to build a membership site. So, click on the membership name where you will get the themes. Select one theme among them, which is suitable for your business. 

Step 4:

After selecting the theme, click on the button start with this theme. After clicking on that button, you will get a popup button by asking website name, enter the name and submit. 

Step 5:

Enter the details in the popup and submit; now you are ready with your membership site. One thing, you need to do is copy paste your content which is related to your business, and change the logo.  

Your website is ready to run your business. 

Step 6: 

To know in depth of membership site, on the left side of your screen you will find names like the dashboard, builder, store, and settings. Go to the dashboard and click on it. After entering into the dashboard, you can see various options available in the site.  

Step 7:

In those options select member’s area. After that, it will again take to a new window. It will give access to member’s dashboard where you can manage groups and manage members. Click on manage groups you will get a window where all groups will be present. If you want to add a new group, you can add it by clicking on a new group.  

In every membership site, you will have basic members, premium members and so on based on our choice we can decide about the groups.

Step 8:

There is another option called members in the dashboard where you can add people manually. With the help of member settings, you check or uncheck the radio based on our requirements and usage. Check on the radio button with the allow registrations without admin approval. Select the option in settings called send email notification on registration with that the admin will get the alert.

Step 9: 

Go back to the main menu and select store where all purchases will happen. It redirects you to another page, in that select settings option. In that page, you need to enter all the details about the store, and then go to shipping options where you need to give details about how you are going to ship the products. 

After that, you have payment gateways available you need to select according to your choice. We are updating with new methods every month. Finally, check out where you need to select according to your business plan. 

Step 10: 

You can design the store as per your store style and product. There are two options called product layout on listing page, and product page layout. 

Step 11:

The other option in this is products, where you can add products if you are coming up with the new products. After adding the product to the list, just click on the added product where you need to add details of the product. You can give complete information about the product like price, and sales price. 

Now you are ready to launch your first membership website.


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