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The Complete On-Page SEO Guide for Beginners.

The world is running behind the technology, as it is available at our fingerprints. If you need any information about a particular thing over the internet, we use various search engines for getting the right result. According to a recent survey by Netcraft Web Server in the beginning of 2018, there are 1.8 billion websites over the internet. All over the world, 91% of people use the internet. To get the information we have numerous search engines, among them, 93% of people use Google as the search engine, the remaining 7% of people use other search engines.

It may be Google or Bing they will follow some rules and regulations to list the websites on the internet, based on listing they will provide the search results to the customers. Every customer who searches on the internet will look at results which will come in the first page. Apart from the first page, the searching person will go for the first three listings on the first page. The listing will be done based on page ranking. To improve the page ranking, we need search engine optimization (SEO). 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

If you are in the digital world, frequently you will hear about SEO. Are you thinking about what needs to be optimized? We will give you a clear idea about SEO in this article.  

Definition of SEO: 

It is a human activity which improves the visibility, page ranking of the website in the search engine without payment is called as search engine optimization.

If you want your content to more visualize in search engines, then it should be relevant, authoritative. Keywords play an important role in SEO. If you are looking to be on the top in the search results of Google or any search engine you should make your website optimized. There are two ways of SEO, one is On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO: 

On-page SEO is optimizing the numerous individual components of the website to get more traffic via organic search and to get a higher rank in the search engines. There are various factors which affect On-page SEO. They are; 

  1. Content 
  2. HTML 
  3. Architecture. 

1. Optimize content:

Content is the king for a website. If you have quality content, then it will help you to generate the customers from the visitors. 

If you have good SEO for your website, but if your content quality is not good then there is no use of having great SEO. There are various factors you need to consider to optimize the content. 

High Quality: 

Writing the content is easy but writing quality content is not so easy. Quality content will attract the customers by which you can fetch organic traffic to the site. The high quality will help you to stand on top of the list. 

If you are new to content make sure you write an article daily so that you can improve your writings.


The content which we are writing should have at least 2000 words. The reason to have long content is Google thinks that article is giving more information or in-depth information about a particular topic. 

As the long content involves many keywords, keywords help to engage more clients to your website.

Fresh content: 

Search engines always look out for Fresh content. So, we need to update the website with new and fresh content on a regular basis. If we post regularly, it will attract Google to look out at website/content by which we can increase the page ranking or website ranking. 

The other thing we can do is we can update the content which we published earlier. If we are looking out for fresh content you, need to follow daily and upcoming topics which are looking out by people.

Example: If you are running a sports website which is exclusively for cricket. Then you need to provide the content of the on-going matches and upcoming matches of the cricket. If you take the example of, it will provide regular updates of cricket. 


As we are addicted to easy and faster process, everyone one looks for direct Solutions without knowing/researching about it. Google sometimes straightforwardly give the answers to users, without going in depth of page/website links. The Solutions will come on the top of SERP. 


If you are searching for something on Google using a keyword, the result which comes on top of the SERP is called as the solution. Suppose, if you search for "Serp full form"; in a search engine then you will get an answer directly with the full form is called Solutions. 


We are living in a society where everyone is busy with their lives. No one shows interest in long and lengthy articles due to lack of time and patience. With the use of more Images in the content, we can produce good traffic from users as well as it increases the website ranking. The content with Images will give more informational and attractive rather than only content. 

The major important factor in On-page optimization is content which we completed. The next important factor is the optimization of HTML.

2. HTML:

After content optimization, this will be the most important aspect in the ranking of your site. If you are a blogger or running an online website/business, you should have minimum knowledge of HTML to run it. 

One of the famous digital marketer Neil Patel said "running an online business without knowing the basics of HTML would be the same as driving without knowing what the colors of traffic lights mean."; The factors need to be taken care for HTML optimization are;


The Titles are so important because they will attract the visitors to the website. The titles show up at the top of the page when you go to a webpage. As we see many people will not read the content directly, they will first look at the title then they will go to content. 

In the website terminology, we called it Title tag when it comes to blogging terminology we call it as the H1 tag. For each article or blog, there should be only one title tag or H1 tag. 

Keyword density:

Keywords play a vital role in the On-page SEO. It will improve your search results in the search engines. There is a saying that anything over placing or overusing is not good. But over placing keywords will make your article looks spammy. According to Google average keyword density is 2-3%. Keyword research is done using various tools like Google keyword planner, before placing the keywords in the content. 

You can calculate keyword density using the below formula: 

   Keyword density = (No of keywords/total no of words)*100 

Meta description: 

The Meta description is the description which will give brief detail about the title. It is given less priority when compared to title tags. In Google, we can easily distinguish between the optimized Meta description and UN-optimized. 

We use relevant keywords in the Meta description. When a user searches for a keyword, we can see the highlighted content with bold letters in the Meta description. With this, we can improve the click-through rate. 

The next factor of On-page optimization is site Architecture. If the site architecture is great means, it is providing the best user experience to the customers. The great user experience is not about its colors, font size which we are using. It's all about easy navigation in the site and linking between your internal pages.

The architecture also affects the website/page ranking in the search engines. The architecture majorly focuses on faster loading of the site, security, and front-end design. The below image shows the example for webzoly meta description.

Mobile friendly design:

In the present generation, there are more mobile handsets available rather than human beings. In recent times the usage of mobile phones went to peak stage all over the world. According to the report by GSMA, two-thirds of the world's population are using mobiles, and they are forecasting that by 2020 75% of people in the world are going to use mobile phones.  

The main reason for giving exclusive statistics of mobile usage is as the world is revolving around mobile phones as many are accessing the information through mobile. So, the sites which are designed or designing they should be mobile friendly design. 

Mobile friendly design means what we are accessing on the desktop/laptop the same site should be accessible on a mobile phone without any issues/problems. If the website is mobile friendly design than we can have good traffic via organic search, by which the page/site rank will improve. 


As we know URL as a uniform resource locator or it is an address of a website. It influences the ranking of a website so, we need to optimize the URL for better performance and to be in the top of the list in the search engines. 

A good URL structure will give better navigation for the user to get the exact information in less as the visitor doesn't want to waste time in-depth search of information.

Always keep the URL like categories, post dates, tags and follow the same permalinks structure throughout the website. 

If you a look at good SEO URL link we can easily know information. In bad URL we can see symbols, numbers, and some special characters which cannot be understandable to a user. 

Example of good SEO URL: In the URL we are giving exact information what the customer or visitor looking for. 

If you include the keywords what the visitors are looking for then it is easy to list at the top, here is the example for keywords in URL;

If you are looking to make website SEO friendly, we need to include Keywords in the URL. If your website optimized with SEO URL, you can tell your visitors that what is there in your website and you can attract Google to rank us better.


HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) which is important for the websites, which are accepting payments online. In the year 2018, Google Chrome announced that the sites without SSL as not secure sites. 

If your site wants to be HTTPS, then you need to SSL certificate to your website. An SSL (site security lock) secures your website from unauthorized persons and third parties (spammers, hackers, etc.).

Like if you want to add SSL certificate to your WordPress site, you need to buy the certificate from authorized websites that we need to install in the site.

It is a long process if you are looking out a simple and easy process for SSL certificate provider you can choose Webzoly. Webzoly is all in one website builder in which if you build your website, your site comes with SSL certificate. If you want to try by following the below link: 

If your website is secured, then customers will stay on your page or else they will come out or navigate to other sites with security. By this, we can get the organic traffic which we can improve the site ranking without payments.

Secured site: 

Unsecured site:

Form seeing above to you can easily know.


It is the process which will be taken care by search engines. In this process, they will crawl your entire website from starting with the home pages to all the remaining pages using internal links of the site.

For every search engine, there is a crawl tool like Google having the Google spider. It will navigate all over search engine and gives the information related to keywords asked by the searcher. They will have knowledge of what to crawl and what not. 

If the site has good internal links, it is easy to navigate in the site. The Crawl will report the search engine about the website and its performance. Based on crawl by bot Google or other search engines will be listing your website. 

Site speed: 

Every person wants the things to be as faster as possible, as know one patience enough in getting something or get it done. Here site speed emphasizes that when a user or visitor visits your site through mobile or desktop, they will look responsive websites. If the site speed is good, then the visitor will stay with us, or we will lose him. 

The average speed of any website is 1 to 3 seconds. If the website is loading more than 3 to 5 seconds customer will not wait for a webpage to load.

As we know most searches will come from mobile phones, we should make our sites mobile friendly and faster responses in mobile phones also. 

There will be many reasons for slow site speed it may be due to the server which we are using. The theme we are using on a website should be user-friendly. 

If your website is running very slow, then you need to optimize the website for best results by which we can impact the SEO of the webpage/website. 

That's all about On-page SEO. If you are looking for the website builders that offer inbuilt SEO widget. Try our All-in-One Website Builder Webzoly for free.

if you have any queries about the SEO or website builder  Feel free to contact us.


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