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Ultimate Guide: How to Create and Sell Online Courses?

Education is the most important as well as the primary thing for every human being in the world. As the world is evolving, the methods of learning are also changing its forms. In the initial days, it was oral teaching no use of books at that time.

As time is changing, we shifted to books to get the knowledge, and now we are in the 21st century using the internet to get the knowledge or for learning something behind books. Getting online knowledge/information from the internet is called as online learning. We can learn from online with the use of online courses. 

 What is an online course? 

These days many schools, colleges, and universities are yelling that they are teaching the lessons through online for attracting the students. Many people heard about online courses at the college level or university level, if not you will get to know about it in this article in brief. 

As per the statistics from MRC, the e-learning market generated a revenue of $165.21 billion in a year, and it's estimation of $275.10 billion by the year 2022. Another statistical report from Udemy which is the leading e-learning platform said they have 40000 courses; 10 million students apart from that 13 million people are taking part in study development courses and 8.5 million taking business courses. With the above statistics, you can get to know how the e-learning market is progressing day by day. 


In simple words, an online course is a subject/class taught over the internet. It has different names like web-based, web-delivered, distance learning, and e-learning. 

An Online course helps us to learn new method of learning, by which you can get in-depth knowledge of subjects. With the help of it, you can attend/listen to the classes by using mobiles, laptops, desktop, and tablets. 

Types: Online courses can be of different types.

Flipped Course: 

You can also call it Invert learning. In this approach, the tutor/ instructor provide material for the next class by recording a video about the concept or provides open source content to students. The students before attending the classroom session, will go through the material or open source content, which makes the task easy for the instructor. When class starts the lecture will not go in one way but it will be a two-way discussion. The discussion will be between the instructor and peers which leads to active learning. With flipped learning, you can improve your problem-solving skills. 

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Hybrid Course: 

It is another type of online course also known as blended course. With this course, you can decrease the time you spent in classrooms. In this course, both the tutor and learner will be involved face to face and online learning. The interaction between tutor and student will increase, which leads to the development of the learner.


It is the next type of online course called as online class. This course will depend on the web only. Web-based courses use Learning Management System likes canvas to interact with the students to post course-related information. 

We have two models in the web-based courses; They are  Synchronous & Asynchronous. 

Synchronous: In this model, you will have an instructor for the course. 

Asynchronous: In this model, no instructor will be available. You should learn the course by yourselves without depending on the tutors. 


In this, it is a face to face interaction between the instructor and the student in the classroom. In this type of courses, the components or course material will be available 24*7 with the help of LMS (learning management system) like canvas.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): 

 It is an online course which mainly focuses on unlimited participation and access to the public using the web. In this course, students, instructors, and professors can interact to enhance the skills. There are no restrictions on this course like geographical and national. Coursera, Udacity, and edX are the massive open online course for which any student can apply to get the content of the syllabus electronically.  

  • It is affordable, accessible, and flexible for the students.
  • It is the future of modern education in the world.

There are various benefits and advantages with the online courses or e-learning. 


Low cost:

Online programs available at lower prices than traditional courses. All the online programs are not moderate, some are expensive too but when it is compared with traditional they are less expensive because the traditional course involves a lot of other expenses which are involved rather than course fee. 

An online course will not have any transportation charges, no textbooks needed which will decrease the burden of parents and learner also. 


An online course provides comfort to learners. You can listen to the class at any time with your choice, no hesitation with the traffic, no need of dress code, and no physical presence is required in the classroom.  

For working employees, it works great because you can learn at any time, no need to come early from the work and the most important thing is you can spend time with your family. For exam also no need to go to college you can directly write exam through the internet. 

Convenient and flexible to use: 

An online course is the best choice for professionals, working people, and students. It will provide the flexibility to learn at your convenient times without disturbing your professional life. With the traditional, there are chances of missing work-life balance. 

The course content and references are available on the web so that you dont need of going to a library by which you can save energy and a lot of time. 

Greater interaction: 

This feature is one of the top advantages with the use of an online course. We know some people will be shy or can feel uncomfortable when it comes to face-to-face interaction but with the help of an online course they can come out of their comfort zone. 

In online course, each student/participant will interact with the tutor or instructor to clarify their doubts. With the interaction, the student will improve a lot and it will help them to improve their problem-solving techniques with the great interaction/discussion. 

Career improvement: 

An online course will help to improve your skills so that you can grow in your career. Learning a new course helps to increase resume strength. Anyone can choose an online course even though they are students or working employees who are planning to complete a new degree while doing their job. 

With the help of these, there is no disturbance in your ongoing career but if you go for traditional course, you need to take time to attend the class or to take the exam. In online course, you will get the certifications which will help you to grow in your career. 

Why create an online Course? 

These days many are creating an online course, you are wondering why they are in creating an online course? What is the use of it? Follow this path so that you can get a clear picture of your entire questions.  

Income source: 

An online course is the revenue generator for the course developers. These courses developed by entrepreneurs who are interested in giving knowledge to the public and revenue for the instructors; It is a digital asset for the entrepreneurs.

The online courses now developed by many other tech persons in the various industries.

(I) Youtubers: 

Youtubers also using the online courses are for getting revenue. For this people, the revenue comes from ads only, if you're not depending on ads then you can create an online course. As video has more impact than audio or text, with this you can generate more revenue than ads.

 (II) Bloggers: 

A blog is something which provides free content for its users. In the blog, you will not give in-depth of the concepts; if your blog is getting more visitors you can make this a source of income.

In the blog also income generates from the ads so to get more income you can go with an online course which will boost your income.

Customer success: 

For any business, customer is the main priority. As you know a satisfied customer can bring new business to us and they will remain with us forever. The online course will help the customer to use the product and for knowing the product better. 

Customer acquisition: 

An online course will be helpful in customer acquisition. In these days getting valuable or trusted customers became difficult. Suppose if you have some product/service for which you need customers than initially you create an online course by which you can get the visitors, as it is free so many will choose it. After this, you can get valuable customers from the visitors. 

How to create and sell online courses?

As of now, you got to know about the online course. Now you are going to know in detail about how to create and sell an online course?  

1. Choose your topic: 

If you want to create something you should have a clear idea about it, it may be anything like writing an article or directing a movie. Choose your interesting topic area, so that you have in-depth knowledge about it.

Before you finalize or select the topic for your online course you should ask some questions to yourself like; For whom the course is related to? Why online course?

With keeping these questions in mind, you need to select the concept or idea.

2. Competitors: 

After finalizing the concept, you need to think about your competitors before moving forward. First, you need to research any other courses related to your concept/idea if yes no need to worry about it as its good for you so you can analyze the positives and negatives from it.

If the answer is no, then you have two possible outcomes from it. The first outcome is you have the opportunity to try new things which are not there in the market, and the other outcome is the idea which may not workout in the market. 

Be positive and confident about the idea which you believe in.

3. Analyze your audience: 

After analyzing your competitor, the next most important aspect is to know your audience base. All of us know, customer is the king for all business.

You need to create the course in such a way that it should reach the targeted audience. As you know, one size will not fit for all. We need to prepare different type of courses so that we can reach more targeted audiences.

For example, if someone is looking to learn about website development from scratch, he needs an entry-level online course. Another scenario where someone is looking for in-depth website design and development, for them, you need to provide a different course. Make an online course that it should pinpoint the customers. 

4. Create your site and email: 

Are you done with your first three steps, then next is to create your website and email for your online course.

Creating a website is not that much difficult, because there are many website builders available in the market like WordPress, Wix, and Webzoly. If you don't know about how to create a website you can read our previous article How to Create a Professional Website Using Webzoly.

You can build the site with the help of Webzoly, it is an all in one website builder by which you can create more than just a website. You can create a website within 10 minutes using Webzoly. if you are not a Webzoly user signup here.

In this, you have more than 200 pre-built templates available. 

After creating the site, the next step is to create an email for business purpose. With the help of email, you can improve our business and contacts of various customers or visitors. Take G-suit then link that to the domain of your website with this your email will represent your business/course. 

If you are not interested in creating your site, then you can go for the Landing page. For creating a landing no need of website you can directly create it with the help of Webzoly. The landing page will help the business for gathering information of the visitors to the site by which you can convert them as leads. 

5. Market your course:

You are ready with your site, ready to launch the course within few days in the market. Before you come up with the original online course, you need to market your course to learners. 

It is just a marketing stunt to reach the customers as it may be in various forms like creating a video, poster, and podcast. One more important thing is you should not invest even a single penny for marketing your course.

From this, you can get experience before going into the market. So, that you are prepared with different strategies for facing competitors in the market.

6. Develop your content: 

Content is the heart for the blog, online course and even for a Hollywood movie. Content is the king for online course as it should be unique and creative than others. 

The content of your online course involves index, concepts to cover, diagrams related to the concept/idea, quotation based on the situation, examples, and video where it requires. The content should develop in such a way that it should attract the learners, more conversation rate, and should increase engagement for the site/course.

It should not involve any plagiarism content as it will affect the reputation of site/course that may also affect the website ranking by search engines like Google and Bing etc.

7. Method of delivery: 

With the website, email, and content your online course is ready but you need to deliver it to learners. If you want to engage your online course with visitors, then you should choose the right medium, and the right medium is LMS (Learning management system).

Make sure you choose the right medium because it can affect the learners of the course. Before you start with your full-length course test, all the key functions of the system which you are going to use shall not affect your course feature. If you are satisfied with the system, then go for the next level.

8. Test: 

Before launching the course if you do beta testing it will give good results. The beta testing will help to improve from your mistake, and you can come up with new ideas or strategies for development of course.

The beta testers will check and use the course for some days and they will provide a complete report on the course, and all the modules in it.

 9. Consolidate beta feedback: 

You are one step away from launching the course. After beta testing, you will get a full detail report which gives the positives and negatives of the course. 

If you get a clean report than you can directly go for launching your course. You may face negative feedback from the testers also in which they will provide where you are going wrong and where you can improve. As all humans are not ready to accept negative feedback by which many will go into depression, and they may stop working on the online course also. 

Don't be depressed with the negative feedback as it gives the opportunity to serve better to clients. It is better to get negative feedback from the testers rather than getting it from the customers. The feedback helps to solve all issues at one time rather than solving every time when a customer encounters the problem.

10. Price & publish your course: 

The main intention of creating an online course is to generate revenue. Before you are going to launch your course, you need to finalize the price depending on the market situation and course content.

Before pricing take a few minutes to think how much should you offer to the customer/learner, the reason for saying this is because it will affect your online course. The price should be pocket-friendly so that it can reach to maximum people in countries like India as many are middle-class people.

If your price is high for the course it may lead to negative impact; by which you have to bear the loss and there is a possibility of closing your course also.After pricing the course, the final step you left out is launching your course.

Now you launched your course, don't neglect the content because only with this you can attract learners. You can go for add slot marketing and meanwhile increase the customer base so that you can reach to max people that you can generate good revenue.

If you have any doubts related to online course, we are ready to help you 24*7 feel free contact us.


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