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Website Builder Vs. Wordpress (What to Choose & Why).

If you look you will find there are dozens of web designing tools but only some of them standout in the market.

Ways of building a website:

Coding Languages: 

Many tech-savvy companies use coding for developing websites. There are many coding languages in the market like HTML, CSS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, .NET, SQL, and ANGULAR. 

To develop websites using coding, you should have at least basic knowledge of it. It is a complex process, expensive and time taking as it will take months to develop. Apart from all this, we need an expert tech company/employee to take care of it. 

Website builders: 

There are numerous builders available in the market since globalization with the help of information technology. It is a drag & drop tool by which we can create a website within minutes without any technical knowledge. There are numerous website builders in the market like Wix, Squarespace, Webzoly, GoDaddy and Weebly. 

Content management system (CMS):

It is a software application which is used to create and regulate the digital content. The CMS includes a content management application (CMA) and a content delivery application (CDA). There are various CMS tools present in the market like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, Contao, etc.

To use these tools, you should have minimum knowledge of coding or expert developer. In this article, you are going to learn what is the best way to build a website using Wordpress or Website builder.

First, let us know a little bit brief about Wordpress.


Wordpress is a free platform to create blogs in its initial stage. With building of blogs, Wordpress went into people with the popularity of its brand. After building its brand in the market, slowly it shifted to building websites later on it transformed into CMS (Content management system). The Wordpress would use the plugins and templates to change the look and feel of the website. The programmers would develop numerous plugins for various features by which WordPress is growing very fast.

According to the statistics in the world more than 75,000,000 use Wordpress to develop their websites. If you want to develop a website using Wordpress, you need an expert with a good technical background.

Website builder:

A simple all in one collection of drag and drop tools that is used to build a website without any coding and designing skills. In the market, there are various website builders, but you need to check which builder will be best choice for your business.

It is helpful to the clients with minimum budget and without depending on developer/expert for designing of a website. If you pay for the subscription, remaining others like hosting, security, SEO, and analytics has been taken care by website builder only.

Website builders are numerous from which today we are comparing Webzoly with Wordpress. We are going to compare them to know which is a better tool to build a website with.

We have broken down the comparison into 5 categories:

1. Ease of use

2. Hosting

3. Cost

4. Customer Support.

5. Design.

1. Ease of use:


Wordpress is difficult to use for non-technical persons because of the technical words. The user or the website developer needs to have some tech basics to work on Wordpress. Sometimes you need to write the code to add extra plugins.

Website builder:

Website builders are very easy to use. Let us take the example of one website builder called Webzoly to explain you better. Webzoly is all in one website builder by which you can build more than just a website. In this, no use of coding comes into the picture because it is a drag and drop tool. Read our latest guide How to create a website using webzoly.

2. Hosting:


In Wordpress, you need to buy the hosting separately apart from the domain. In the world, majority Wordpress sites rely on shared hosting. The shared hosting will work fine when you design for small business, but when you go the broader way it may give you issues. To avoid the above issues, you can opt for dedicated hosting which is expensive when compared to shared hosting.

The customer will face a problem in selecting the host because there are thousands of web hosts present in the market, it will lead to confusion in customer mind which one to choose?

Like these many questions will rotate in mind. Wordpress will recommend some hosts to the clients like Bluehost, Dreamhost, and SiteGround. To install the Domain in hosting you should possess some technical knowledge.

Website builder:

In Website builders no need of buying hosting separately. The website builder 'Webzoly' will provide free hosting to the members who will sign up with them.

In Webzoly, you can pay for monthly/annual charges in which you can get hosting for free. 

As hosting is inbuilt in Webzoly no coding knowledge is required for developing a website by which customer will not face any issues even though he is new to website design and development.

3. Cost:


Wordpress is a free platform to use, but if you want to build or run a website/blog, you should purchase a different set of features.

In Wordpress, the cost of each feature to build a website;

(I) Domain:

In the market, there are many domain providers like Godaddy or Namecheap. Namecheap price is less when compared to Godaddy.

The pricing range of Domain will be ($5- $10).

(II) Hosting:

Again you need to buy the hosting also. In the market, there are numerous hostings like Hostgator, Bluehost, and Godaddy.

Many will go for blue hosting because of the economical pricing when compared to other service providers.

The starting price of the hosting is $3.25 and the maximum is $40 for dedicated hosting. 


In Wordpress, you have free themes to use, but they will have minimum features. As you go for large-scale websites, you should go for paid themes. For themes also you should go for other websites.

The pricing range will start at $25.

(IV) Plug-in:

If you are looking to add new features to a website you need an extra plug-in. To get a plug-in also you should pay which is again an extra burden for the client. To install the plug-in, you should have some basic coding knowledge which is again a problem to a customer.

The pricing of the plug-in will start at $40.

Website builder:

If you look at any Website builder, no need to buy Domain, hosting, themes, and plug-in separately. The cost is less when you compare with Wordpress.

Let us take the example of a website builder called Webzoly. The amount you pay is for monthly/yearly package, but the features are unlimited like free domain, hosting, themes, add-ons, and etc.In the below picture you can see the cost of Webzoly.

In Webzoly, you have different cost plans for different purposes for a starter, personal, business, e-commerce, and PRO.

The pricing range will start from $10 to $100 month if you take an annual plan, you can choose according to your business/website requirements.

The cost of building a website with Wordpress is higher when compared to Webzoly.

4. Customer support:


It is not a cakewalk to build a website in Wordpress. In this, there are a lot of steps required like guideline or support from the service provider.

If you are a tech guy no need of any guidelines in the initial stage of design, but when you go in-depth you need support from the service provider.

In Wordpress, you can find a large group of forums where you can get an answer to your questions. In the forum, anyone can post question and answer according to their choice.

The main problem with the forums is you will get an answer to your query, but the solution which you got will not resolve the issue.

The forum is with full of queries because many will use Wordpress platform to develop a website due to that your query may be ignored because it may be already answered long back or many times.

You can't rely on these forums because you don't know when you can get an answer, this may affect your brand/business. So, the only chance you have is to hire a Wordpress expert to resolve issues. As all know tech guys are very expensive to hire, so it is very difficult for small-scale business and startups.

Website builder:

Now, its turn for Website builder Webzoly. Webzoly also provides the guidelines on how to use their products and solutions for their queries; in the blog section, you can find the articles for each feature in Webzoly.

The main part of Webzoly is, it's very easy to use, you will not find any difficulty in navigating while you develop a website. For new developers, it is easy to understand and develop a website.

Even after giving complete guidelines on how to use Webzoly, you have another alternative to get support called LiveChat. Webzoly customer support is available 24*7 to assist its users with free of cost.

Webzoly is a website builder where you can create more than just a website. In this, all elements/functions related to Webzoly will be resolved by Webzoly customer support rather than advising to other service providers.

One positive point about Webzoly, there is an exclusive team to answer your queries. All queries are answered without any hesitation, and they will not skip any single query as Wordpress forum do.

With the use of Webzoly, you will get instant solutions without any delay. The next thing is you don't need an expert to resolve the issues. It will not make your pockets empty as other do (Wordpress).

5. Design & Layout:


It will change the look and feel of the website, it also helps the user to navigate easily. In Wordpress, you have numerous themes available for both free and paid. You can choose the free themes which give limited features. In paid themes, you will get more features and more support from the service provider. In Wordpress, you can customize your themes even with the free version by using child themes and add-on plugins.

You can get free themes from Wordpress home that is For the paid themes there are numerous sites like Themify and CSSIgniter.

Website builder:

Webzoly has more than 200 inbuild themes to select according to your business. All the themes in Webzoly are fully responsive and easy to navigate. You can also customize the pre-built themes according to your choices like site design, layout, and items list.

In Webzoly, for every business we have created separate templates to meet the client requirements. There are various types of template in Webzoly like business, consulting, fashion, restaurant, school, and other services.

Apart from all the above comparisons, we are going to give some other comparisons which can help in taking a decision.

Features Wordpress Website builder
Flexibility It is open platform with many themes and plugins by which we can create a magical website. It is very flexible to client/designer. It is not the much flexible when compared to Wordpress. It is less flexible due to its limitations.
Time It will take more than 15 days to create a small scale website, if we go for large scale it may take 2-3 months. It is time taking process. We can create website within minutes using Webzoly website builder. It saves lot of time.
Maintenance In Wordpress we come across maintenance for each update from the service provider. No Maintenance is there for Website builder because they service provider will take care of each and every part of our website.
Themes In this we have free and paid, free themes are having fewer features compared to paid themes so, in order to best design for website all will go for paid themes. All are free themes you can choose as you wish. In Webzoly we have more than 200 free themes to use.
Features set We need to buy each feature in order to deploy in the Wordpress. It is having less free features when compared to website builder. Free features in Webzoly:In built Analytics,Free SSL certificate,Free SEO,Form builder,Free Add-ons.

From above all the comparison between Wordpress and Website builder, the conclusion you can get is Website builder is easy to use rather than Wordpress.

You can go for Wordpress if you are interested in website design and willing to spend your time in design and development. At least you should possess some basic knowledge of coding. 

If your business is in need of funnels, landing pages, online store, membership site, and online course you can certainly go for Webzoly. 


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