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What is a Sales Funnel? A Simple Guide to Creating a Website Conversion Sales Funnel.

Sales funnel or Marketing funnel is defined as a visual graph for the path taken by a potential customer as he or she moves towards becoming a customer. Oftenly used by sales and marketing companies.

In marketing automation Sales funnel is defined as Step-by-step process of converting visitors into buyers. It's multi-stepped because the prospect is must aware enough to enter your funnel, to the time when they take action and successfully complete a purchase. 

For example, Visit You scan through the homepage and notice the big blue button that says "Start Now For Free." You enter your name and email address and sign up for an account. Before you know it, you're enjoying creating a website! as shown in the below figure.

Sales funnel is separated into different stages.

1. Awareness.

2. Convert.

3. Decision.


The important stage in sales funnel is attracting the customers through a variety of platforms such as organic search or paid search like google ad and Facebook ads or sometimes Email newsletters.

When a customer finds you organically through Google/Yahoo, That means you have something relevant what he wants, Means they likely interest to enter into your funnel because they know you are relevant to him.

The main goal of sales funnel is solving the customer problem. This happens only when you know the problem, if you know the customer problem creates a great content attract them to your website and then offer a product/service to solve their real problem that's the real goal of the sales funnel.

However to reach that stages it takes a lot of time and hard work. To succeed in acquiring customer never fake anything to him, Because people are so smart they're not simply buy anything form anyone unless they feel that the product/service you're offering is value for money. So you to be honest and transparent to the prospects.


Finally, you have created awareness and attracted them to visit your website. The prospects coming to your website doesn't mean that they are ready to buy. First, they check the complete website to know about your product/service.

When they came to your website offer something to them Like ebooks or checklist so they can opt-in for you.

This is the best step to build the relationship between a company and prospects.


The next stage and important stage in the sales funnel, finally your prospects opted for your mailing list. But getting prospects to make a decision isn't easy. To make happen that you need to have lot testimonials and customer reviews and you must have great content that helps prospects.

To make that you could use google ads and facebook re-target ads. Re-target the prospect with ads to keep that awareness and interest on your product/service by giving them offers.

In another end building, a great sales funnel is not as easy as discussed above you need to have a lot of creativity and tools.

For example, if you build website on WordPress you must purchase an extra plugin and themes it is an extra cost for you to avoid extra cost and waste of time Webzoly the All-In-one Website Builder came up with prebuild and sales funnel theme you easily use on website that builds on Webzoly, you can create a great sales funnels without any prior knowledge on sales funnel.

Check our template library of the sales funnel themes. To get your free website to register at Webzoly.


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