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Why Webzoly is the best choice to create a website?

There are numerous ways to design a website, various tools available in the market for easy and fast development. There are chances you will be confused about which one to choose, after reading this article you will fall in love with Webzoly features.

Why Everyone Love's Webzoly?

Customer Support

Yes, don't be surprised by seeing this in the first place. With Webzoly, you’ve got so much more than just a Platform — you’ve got a world-class support team by your side. Think of us as an extension to you in your business, ready to assist and advise whenever you need.

Try Before You Buy

We want our customers to only pay when they feel we are the right choice. You can start for free and create your dream website. You can purchase once you are ready with your website. We never charge upfront.

Easy to Use

Webzoly is super easy to use with simple drag & drop and pre-built templates for any business type. 

SSL - Site Security

Online security of your website is our primary concern, so we have SSL certificate with every Website for free. 

If you build a website with some other methods, you have to buy SSL separately as it is not available freely on other platforms. 

Fantastic 'We Built it For You' Service

Yes, we offer 'we built it for you' service, and it's completely free. Just reach our customer support and they will help you create your dream website.

200+ Rich & Professionally Designed Template Gallery

Our template gallery is filled with over 200 professionally designed template which is updated every week. 


Loading your website fast is so important for your business, if website loads slow, you might lose an important customer. Website created with us are hosted with Amazon AWS servers, so you and your user can experience super-fast load speed.

No Setup Fee OR Hidden Charges

We believe in complete transparency, we never charge you for things you are not aware of. We are here to build a long-term relationship with our customers. So you can be rest assured.

Powerful SEO Tool

Search engine optimization provides a greater impact on website ranking and performance. We created a very simple and easy tool so you can easily optimize your site to get found on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

Mobile & iPad User Friendly

Over 60% websites are accessed on mobile, so we understand how important it is to have your website user-friendly.

All sites built with Webzoly are mobile and iPad friendly.


The first builder that allows you to create websites and funnels in one place. Usually, you have to buy a separate plugin if you are using other platforms which is complex to understand and hard to use whereas in Webzoly you don't need an extra plugin and it's very easy to create funnels with our pre-built templates for any business type.

Lots of Payment Gateways

Collecting payments from customers on your website is now easy. Just connect your favorite payment gateway and start your online business.

Webzoly is providing various pre-built payment gateway methods to save time and money. Again if you are using any other platforms, you have to separately hire developers which takes your time and money, whereas Webzoly enables you to directly connect to multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Pay stack, Payu and After Pay.

Integration to Your Favorite Tools

Connect to your favorite tools such as Live Chat, Call or Meeting Scheduler, Email Marketing, Facebook, etc. We got everything covered.

In-Built Analytics

In this platform, you can directly know your website performance/analysis, traffic, and the number of visitors, without connecting to Google Analytics. It is helpful for people who are busy, for small business who are not aware of analytics. The inbuilt analytics application is there in the dashboard. (You can still integrate any other external advanced tools)

Free Hosting

Hosting plays a crucial role because of the website up-time depends on it. All your websites are hosted with well-known and reliable Amazon AWS to make it easier for the customers, so you don't have to worry about buying hosting seperately.

Domain Name

You can connect your custom domain name with ease. We also offer free domain (.com) of your choice with yearly packages.

And Much More...


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