PTE study – apply these methods to score 79+

Are you looking for some ways to get a 79+ score on your PTE exam? We have put together a small guide that has methods to help you achieve your target score. You should include these methods in your online PTE study and evaluate your performance to understand how it gets improved. Even if you have a good command over the English language, you should not be too confident and assume that you can wing the exam. Many aspirants make this mistake and struggle to hit the target of 79+. So follow the below methods and do a thorough online PTE study.

Know the test format and scoring process

It is essential to know the PTE test format or you will struggle to tackle the questions on the PTE exam. You should be aware of the type of questions that are asked and the time allocated to each of them. This will help you to be prepared for it in advance. You should know which task revolves around which skills. Try to go through different types of tasks during your online PTE studyYou should also pay attention to which tasks test your integrated skills because your performance on such tasks will affect your score of multiple skills.

You should also understand the score evaluation process. Some tasks have negative marking. On such tasks, you should choose an answer only when you are certain about your choice or you will end up losing points. You should find out which of the tasks have maximum score allocated to them and prepare them thoroughly.

Once you understand the test format and the scoring process, a lot of your work is done.

Know how to use the devices

You should practice doing an online PTE study. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the computer, microphone and headset. So you do not waste your time during the exam to figure out how to use it. You should practice typing your response to improve your typing speed. Hear a lot of YouTube videos using the headset to improve your listening skills and try to record your responses to improve your speaking skills.

Before the exam begins, you should utilize the time to check if your devices are functioning properly. Check your mic by doing some checks. In case they are faulty, let the representative know so they can fix the problem to avoid issues during the exam.

Do enough PTE practice

You should build your skills by practicing them. There are many practice exercises available on the internet that will help you to improve your skills. You will require to take the online PTE study seriously if you want to nail the score of 79+.

Begin your practice by improving your listening skills and then move to your speaking skill. You should listen to TV shows, podcasts, watch English movies and YouTube videos to improve your listening skills. it will also help you to improve your English. Then start talking to your friends and family in English so they can correct you when you make a mistake. Take up grammar and vocabulary exercises to improve your grammar usage and to increase your vocabulary base. You should also include memory exercises in your online PTE study to improve your brain activity and memorizing power.

Once you have built the skills, start solving the PTE tasks that are related to them.

Identify your weakness and strengths

To prepare yourself properly you should be aware of your strengths and know your weakness so you can work on them. Your strengths will always get you more points but your weaknesses will pull your points back. So take PTE mock tests as a part of the online PTE study. They help you to deduce your weaker areas that need more practice and identify your strengths. Once you know which tasks need extra practice, work on them to improve your score.

Use proper preparation material

You will find a pool of material over the internet. But you need to know which is the right material for your preparation. If you are not opting for online PTE coaching then include PTE mock tests with evaluation, PTE practice tests and exercises in your online PTE study. PTE mock tests will prepare you to work in the time frame and give you the feel of the real test environment. It follows the same exam format as the PTE exam so you will learn how to tackle each task. Take evaluations seriously as they give you an idea of how much you are likely to score on the PTE exam.

Manage time efficiently

Every section on the PTE exam is timed. You should learn to work in the given time frame or you will run out of time and will not be able to tackle all the questions. If you get stuck on a question do not spend too much time but move ahead because if you stay on the same question, you will mess up the score in that task and the other tasks that you were not able to attempt. During your online PTE study, you should always keep your eye on a timer and try to tackle the task before the timer ends.

PTE mock tests will help you to work in the timeline as they are the replication of the PTE exam. So try to take as many mock tests as possible and always keep your eye on the timer.

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